Get our Digital Only photo booth (text/E-mail) for $299 using Coupon Code spring2023 – now thru March 31st

How Get A Booth Works

Doorstep Delivery with Care and Attention

Your photo booth will arrive 1-2 days before your event date. Book it at least 7 days before the event date and we will send it immediately.

Setting Up in Just Five Minutes

Enjoy Your Event Stress-Free: Our Booth Can Be Set Up in No Time, With or Without Technical Assistance.

Return Made Easy

The process of returning the photo booth after your event is straightforward with a provided UPS label. FREE SHIPPING ON RETURNS!

What’s in the package?

Our photo booth delivery service includes all the necessary components and is sent right to your doorstep, starting at $275 and FREE SHIPPING

Night Long Rental!

Camera and other stuffs

Sequin Back Drop, Stand & Props

Personalize Logo


Instant Digital Sharing- $275

Choose to share your photos digitally and instantly through text and email. All you need is a WIFI connection. Each host receives a digital album with all the photos of the event.

✨ Instant Text & Email Sharing

✨ Choice of Background

✨ Free Props & Free Shipping

✨ Personalized Logo ($25)

✨ Free Digital Album of all the photos from the event

Add A Personalized Logo

Make your event stand out by adding a custom logo to your order. Personalize your digital or print photos by adding your own logo at the bottom to give them a unique touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Got questions? We have Answers!

How easy is it to set up the photo booth rental?

The ease of setting up a photo booth rental may vary depending on the specific rental company and the type of photo booth being rented. However, here at Get A Booth, photo booth rentals are designed to be easy to set up and require little to no technical expertise. We provide clear instructions and may even offer assistance in setting up the booth. Get a Booth even designed to be self-setup, with no assistance required. Overall, setting up a photo booth rental should not be complicated and can typically be accomplished by anyone with basic technical skills.

Does the rental include printed copies of the photos?

Prints are available! We offer two photo booth options: Printing Photo Booth and Digital Photo Booth. With the Printing Photo Booth, you can provide physical printouts for your guests with a compact photo printer and supplies for 100 prints (200 photo strips). The Digital Photo Booth delivers photos via text or email

Is electricity and internet required for the photo booth?

Our Digital Photo Booth option requires a wifi connection to send instant emails and texts. (If wifi is interrupted, the photo booth will retain all photos and send them when a network connection is re-established.) Printer Photo Booths do not require internet. Simply turn on the equipment, and within seconds the booth is ready to go! The printer connects wirelessly to the camera and does not require any external networks. A stable electricity source is essential for a seamless photo booth experience, as it ensures that the booth will function as expected throughout your event.

What is Included with the Photo Booth?

This includes the physical booth structure, camera, lighting, sequin backdrop with support system, props, and touchscreen tablet are all included for $275 (Digital booth), or $419 with a printer included (100 prints).
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